Eva Bartels


Wall street art,2,5x3 mtr, spray paint acrylics

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Eva Bartels is a young performing artist based in Amsterdam and Berlin.
Working as an actress, artist and performer she creates stories.
Fascinated by the power of voyeurism, decadents and being lost she creates a play between the artist and audience.
Creating a new image like a chameleon in a candy store.
Whatever people say I am, that's what I am not... yet.

Exhibitions and performances

2011: Performing “Welcome to my Glory hole” in Paris
2011: Live painting and auction at Bar 22
2011: Live painting Youth Food Movement
2011: Exhibition Young at heart at Walls Gallery
2011: Performance Marcel Wanders for Alessi
2010: television program art=dope for BNN’s digital channel 101.tv
2010: Exhibition at StreetLab
2010: Exhibition at Banks Antwerpen
2010: Exhibition at Walls Gallery
2009: Art Party, with Dim Balsem, Alljan Moehamad, Lisa Love, Roxanne Dekker
2009: Art Expo at Chiellerie in Amsterdam
2009: Live painting at Sugar factory
2009: Art expo at Nassau in Amsterdam
2009: Art expo at Wolvenstraat in Amsterdam
2009: Art expo at  Siempre in Almere
2009: Art expo at Looks in Amsterdam
2008: Live painting at Sugar Factory Amsterdam
2008: Art Expo Courage in Banks Antwerp
2008: Organizing and representing artist and photographers: Lo Andela, Pieter Ceizer,
         Dennis Duijnhouwer and Darkraum artist
2008: Art expo Radikale Maskerade Amsterdam