Patricia Nah Roche


wings unfold (2013) mixed media on canvas 152x92 cm - print only

€ 900,00





Patricia Nah (Roche) is a  Singaporean who loves life, nature and the bright side of the human spirit.Widely travelled, schooled in the ministry of life and a veteran of TVC, documentaries and print production in Singapore and around SE Asia.In 2001, after a two year sojourn in Bali, Pat returned to Singapore with her family to rekindle her interest in creative arts and her other passion of holistic and energy healing.Over the past 12 years, Pat has been exploring a diversity of art forms and materials from Oriental to Western Art.

What does the artist tell us?

"I am inspired by Nature and Landscape, by Energy… it’s movement or flow of it, by beauty and colour that captures my attention, by touch and feel of different materials, by intricate designs and images in all shapes and forms.In Chinese Brush Painting , I love the use of Black Ink and water colours. The way one holds the brush…The boldness of strokes versus the fine lines; the subtle tonality with a play of water on rice paper, softness and bold merging together or not merging. My paintings are not themed. Rather they flow as I journey along in my everyday life, my travels and my experiences. Each painting is created based on what has captured my attention at that particular point in time. I may go through “A Colour Phase” where I mediate on what colour would I use today…and then I start with say the colour “Purple” for example. The purple may just end up as a background for the landscape that is multi- layered over it, sometimes using various mediums for effect. Most times, the painting creates itself, allowing me to see the possibilities of where it can go or would like to go. In the end, I have to be happy with it and hope others will be too."