Hedy Maimann



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Hedy Maimann tells:

  • I prefer to do art than to write about it. For me art is a natural expression of myself, my energies and my wholeness. I am not sure how much my earthy experiences flow into my art as when I paint / especially abstract works) I am more connected to my true essence and that is always beautiful and perfect  and somehow out of space and time . So I hope to paint always out of my wholeness and transmit the most enchanting and deepest energies that reveal through color, form and material all the things that the mind cannot explain but the heart knows and the eyes can perceive. Being always interested in the existential questions of humanity I can see the many layers of truth , of history,  the network of events that influence each other constantly. In my paintings I love to show these facts by using myself many layers, over painting, then taking away to get an effect of deepness, of complexity, of mystery and revelation. Each and every painting is unique; it is   a creation out of one irreversible moment that never will come back in the same way. It combines the expression of the universe with me in a certain time and space. It is up to the spectator to find their own self and their reflection within my paintings in all their own beauty and divine being.
  • In concrete paintings I like to work out a certain topic and I do love to play with symbols as well. The concrete needs a concrete sense the abstract is the form of total freedom.
  • I was born in Vienna, the capital of Austria full of cultural treasures be it art, architecture, music or writing, Always attracted by  all forms of art I studied piano at the music academy, took ballet lessons and a drawing course. After finishing my studies of macroeconomics at the University of Vienna I took painting lessons at Prof. Josef Maria Svoboda and nude drawing lessons at the art university. For a certain time I was part of a group of Viennese artists and had several exhibitions with them in all parts of Austria. Afterwards I started to have my own exhibitions and then I got various invitations from galleries in NY and several European cities like London, Paris , Brussels, Milan, Rome and Buenos Aires to expose my works.
  • For further information about my last exhibitions please look at my recent CVENGLISH